SAVIT Corporation Team Members are highly motivated and ready to take on projects of any size of complexity. Their collective energy, enthusiasm and excellence is reflected in the success we bring our customers. Challenges inspire us to innovate. Accomplishment drives us to excel.
We are proud of our reputation for dedication to hard work—and  for results—achieving the “impossible” (and then, in less time and less money than our customers ever imagined possible.) Like our many satisfied customers, you can depend on SAVIT’s experience, creativity, reliability and excellence.



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SAVIT Corporation has employed virtually every type of manufacturing process including the latest technologies available to effectively address a variety of needs. We regularly perform producibility studies that result in significant economies in production for warfighter efficiencies. Our team is your team.


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Many members of our team are Team Picatinny Alumni. We serve the needs of Team Picatinny by providing superior technical expertise and cost effective on-time delivery regardless of the difficulty of the task or tight schedule. No project is too complex, too large or too small, for SAVIT’s professionals.


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We are recognized as leading Subject Matter Experts in the field of military armaments, weapons, software, munitions and energetics and are often sought out by government laboratories and the Defense Industry for assistance. We have worked and teamed with almost every organization in Team Picatinny.