About Us

Corporate Overview

SAVIT Corporation was formed in 1996, primarily to provide direct and specialized technical support to Picatinny Arsenal’s in‐house operations. We operate in a modern 13,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in Rockaway, NJ. This facility houses all SAVIT Operations to include Engineering, Quality Assurance, Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories and Manufacturing. 

We specialize in providing technical services in weapons, software, munitions and energetics to DoD and other organizations. Many of our teammates are Team Picatinny Alumni. Our approach to business is to serve the customer's needs by providing superior technical expertise and cost effective on‐time delivery regardless of the difficulty of the task or tight schedule. 


We have employed virtually every type of manufacturing process including the latest technologies available to effectively address a variety of needs. We regularly perform producibility studies that result in significant economies in production for warfighter efficiencies.

SAVIT Corporation has made significant contributions to the Army's and other Services weapons development and production programs. 

Recognized Leader

We are recognized as a leader in the field of military armaments, weapons, software, munitions and energetics and are often sought out by government laboratories and the Defense Industry for assistance. We have worked and teamed with almost every organization in Team Picatinny, with a high level of satisfaction expressed by our customers. 

Management Excellence

SAVIT Corporation is unique in that it is a small business with the breadth and depth of a large corporation and the speed and agility of a small company. With an organic network of vendors and suppliers and a legacy of technical and management excellence, SAVIT provides its customers with an agile, responsive and flexible capability to perform. 

We have the resources, experience and personnel expertise to maximize performance in a wide variety of applications. 

We work by a simple equation:

Simplify Designs 


Reduce Manufacturing Complexity 


Minimize Inspection Requirements & Testing